Google adds preview capability to related image search

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Дата публикации: 14 октября 2012 года
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Google adds preview capability to related image search

On its Inside Search blog, Google unveiled a new preview feature for image search, which will allow users to see the first three results for related searches. The company said in its blog post that it is rolling the feature out to help users perfect their searches for visual content on the web.

When conducting an image search, users will see the usual SERP with photos related to their queries. The new feature allows them to hover their cursor over the three or four suggested related searches. They will see a window pop up on their page containing some results likely to appear atop that page.

According to Google product manager Peter Linsley, the feature is available for most users now and will be rolled out globally in “the next few weeks.” Based on Brafton’s preliminary research, Google Apps users are not seeing the preview capability.

Image Search places a strong emphasis on the use of photos as part of an SEO strategy. Creating content that includes images with keyword-rich, high-quality metadata will give a website an extra boost.

Brafton recently reported that images and other visual content are shown to build site visitors’ perception of a business. Moreover, pages that include visual content have 94 percent higher page views than those with text-only content.

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